One of the pioneers in food packaging industry in the Arab world.


We strive to provide high quality packaging products in the Arab world using the latest technologies and human efficiencies.

Our Category

Cling Film

Paper Bags

Food Container

Aluminum Foil

Household Utensils

Paper Cup

Paper Bowls

Facial Tissue

Maxi Roll

Who We Are ?

Lamina Co., Ltd. is one of the moalem Holding Group companies which include the following:
1. Romancia Restaurants Group.
2. My Mart Group.
3. Lamina Co., Ltd.
4. Al-Moalem Real Estate Company – Bahrain.
5. Al-Mualem Real Estate Company – Turkey.
Lamina is one of the first industrial companies in the field of packaging and health packaging in the Arab world of paper, foil, paper cups and cans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was established in 2003 to meet the needs of the market and provide the needs of the consumer society on different Products In a short period the company has witnessed major industrial and commercial developments through the introduction of new production lines in the paper industry to become the largest company in the Kingdom in the packaging industry and a specialized company to provide categories of consumer goods,
1. Aluminum foil of various sizes and specifications.
2. Cling Film of various size & specifications.
3. Gentle paper bags with special labels (kraft and white).
4. Paper Cups & Bowls
5. Platina Facial Tissue & Maxi Roll
6. WOW Facial Tissue & Maxi Roll
7. Household utensils

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